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What we do

Medical & Legal Admin Services (MLAS) fosters strong partnerships with MROs, Solicitors, Insurance companies, and Expert Witnesses to cultivate seamless collaborations and optimise outcomes for all parties.

Recognising the time constraints imposed by additional professional commitments, MLAS seamlessly integrates with both new and established Expert Witnesses, alleviating their administrative burden through comprehensive support services.

This tailored approach empowers our expert network to deliver reports with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Choose MLAS

Expert Growth

We facilitate sustainable business growth for our Expert community.


We work with MROs, Solicitors and Insurance companies on behalf of Expert Witnesses.

For Experts

We support Experts to allow them the time to do what they do best.

Find an Expert

We will enable you to source the right Expert to suit your specific needs.

What do our Experts say?

Mr Henry Budd Consultant Spinal Surgeon

I have been working with MLAS for 7 years. They provide a seamless end to end administrative service to build and maintain a medicolegal practice. The team are energetic and work tirelessly to support you while close connection to instructing parties and insurers are invaluable for growth with the geographical scope unlimited. I have no reservation in recommending the MLAS team.

Dr Jeremy Axon Consultant in Rheumatology & Rehabilitation Medicine

Having run my own Medico Legal practice for over 15 years, it was a pleasure and relief when MLAS took charge of my administration. I can now enjoy concentrating on preparing and dictating my reports knowing that every other aspect, such as dealing with terms and conditions, appointments, sorting medical records, typing dictations to high professional level, as well as invoicing and collecting fees, is taken care of by an incredible team.

Dr Bret Claxton Consultant in Anaesthetics & Pain Medicine

I’m impressed with the speed and efficiency. They have developed a hassle-free, end-to-end setup to make my life as easy as possible as I continue to work full-time in the NHS.
Within six months my number of instructions had increased significantly. Without their backroom admin engine and organisation from agreement of terms, booking of meetings, organisation of medical notes, and billing, there is no way I could see the number of instructions that I do whilst also keeping my clinical practice.

Dr Mark Alexander-Williams Consultant Anaesthetist

I have been with MLAS for many years and have seen my practice grow from 2 instructions a month to 20. Their knowledge of the sector is unparalleled. They have been able to advise me on marketing and strategy and continually are able to provide a first-class service even during these uncertain times.

Mr Sen Venkat Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

I have been with MLAS for many years and met most of the staff and managers. I visited their office to have a face to face discussion with them. The team is second to none. The admin team takes care of the appointments, venue booking, contacting Claimants, payment chasing and most importantly marketing the experts to the instructing parties. My practice has grown significantly since I joined MLAS.

Dr Ravinder Varaich Dentist

Can I just give you all wonderful feedback at the quality of the records for each case. You guys... Amazing. Just excellent. Thank you!!

Mr Neil Roberts Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Its great to have one person in charge of my work- really impressed with our first interaction so thank you very much.

Mr Victor Ameh Consultant in Accident & Emergency Medicine

Maria is on the ball. I know exactly where I am with her. She is great to work with.

What do Instructing Parties say?

Victoria Moore

Solicitor at Bolt Burdon Kemp

The presentations were excellent, they were very informative and pitched at a great level for both people new to CES (Cauda Equina Syndrome) and people who have been doing it for years. It was great to have a combination of specialities in one place and as you said – it felt like an MDT meeting at times!

We’ve received amazing feedback from the team and it was a great introduction to the work MLAS do for these newer team members.

Fieldfisher Solicitors

I called to book an appointment and spoke with Sophie. The service was spot on, very good experience.

CL MediCall Aid

Thank you for inviting us last night. It was great to meet some of the Experts and put a face to a name, we really enjoyed it.

On Time Reports Limited and Express Solicitors

Thank you for inviting us to the Meet & Mingle event. Megan and myself appreciated the opportunity to meet with the Experts. The talks from Neal Edwards and Jamie Hill were both interesting and helpful. We are really looking forward to the opportunity of attending future events.

Mobile Doctors


Thanks for a great evening, really interesting talks and lovely to meet some of your experts.

Taylor Emmet Solicitors

Expert Feedback

Please pass on my thanks to Mr Budd for what I can see is an incredibly detailed and thorough report.


Claimant Feedback

Dr Browne was so caring and easy to talk to. Also the lovely ladies who called prior to my appointment.


Negligence Case

Mr Roberts became involved in this case as an expert for the Claimant very late in the day due to the non-availability of the original expert for trial. Given the significant time pressures he produced his report, and attended a conference, at extremely short notice. His report was extremely thorough, detailed and provided a fair and balanced view on the case. He was able to explain his conclusions very coherently and persuasively during the conference. The strength of his report led directly to our ability to settle the case after it had been disclosed, as the Defendant’s expert agreed with his report in full.

Hudgells Solicitors


As Solicitors we are always firefighting. It really helps us when we can deal with experts and their admin teams who understand our requirements. I have been ably assisted by MLAS on some very challenging clinical negligence cases and I know that both myself and the instructed expert could not have managed without the efficiency, hard work and patience of the MLAS team who work for him.

Melanie Power

Principal at Powers Solicitors

MLAS provides an invaluable service for our firm. We are kept up to date on the report status and our phone calls and emails are answered promptly. This is not a service that can often be offered by an expert’s secretary as they are just simply too busy. It saves us a lot of phone calls and emails and means that we can keep our clients fully informed on the report’s progress. The team at MLAS know what they are doing and understand the business.

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