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Our people are the foundation of our success. We help them to perform at their best by providing thorough ongoing training and excellent development opportunities. Each person makes a real difference to our business and we continually invest in them so they feel empowered to proactively support our customers.

We are a professional, down to earth team, who listen and adapts to the bespoke needs of our customers, resulting in the delivery of a high-quality service.

Our values reflect the way we work, so if you believe in no half measures, can act quickly and know that getting things right first time, every time is key then we would love to hear from you.

We are on the lookout for people who have a great work ethic and want to be part of shaping our future business.

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Apprentice to Team Leader

Georgia Walker – MLAS Team Leader

“I always feel welcome and supported by everyone who works here, I know that I can turn to any of my colleagues for advice and support. I have gained many skills and so much knowledge of the industry and I am learning more every day. Everyone at MLAS has helped me become much more confident, not only within my job role going from an Apprentice to a Team Leader but also within myself in day to day life. I really enjoy working with MLAS and cannot wait for what the future holds and strive to do well for the business.”

Indeed Reviews

A positive, healthy work place Administrator

After working 10 years as a Support worker for a health company, a close friend recommended MLAS. I was hesitant at first as it was a massive change, but it’s turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made. I feel as if MLAS realizes that a happy healthily working environment is the key to a successful business. I no longer feel like a number on a piece of paper, I feel like part of a team where management want us to succeed and grow. I already feel passionate about the role and feel like my colleagues do also. I have already been in situations where management have supported me with issues outside of work and have heard other people experience the same. Since working at MLAS I no longer feel the dread of coming to work and even look forward to it. Milestones are celebrated and its refreshing to see people praised for their hard work. My passion continues to grow and I honestly can’t think of a bad word to say. I can see myself been here for a long time and would 100% recommend to anyone even if they feel it’s out of their comfort zone.

Strong supportive working environment. Operations Manager

MLAS, as a business, is rather niche and that does mean that no day is ever the same. The work is interesting and you really feel like you are making a difference to people's lives. The investment in the team is clear to see, you are left to work autonomously, with the culture centring around idea sharing and inclusivity. We have such good supportive working environment. Absolutely everyone helps out when the need arises. The team are hard working and knowledgeable, with everyone sharing best practice. The training and development is exceptional, with plenty of progression within the company. The company promotes a healthy work life balance, with a variety of working patterns offered.

My forever job Administrator

After starting my career at MLAS, coming from a large corporate business, I was scared that I would be treat as I had in the past… a number…a bum on a seat… just another employee….and that could not have been further from from the truth. From the moment I walked through the door, I have been welcomed, enriched with so much knowledge I can’t even begin to tell, treat with respect, valued and praised at every step!! I have had the best training, but that is not to say a major part of the role comes from learning as you go, this is a fast paced environment with a hands on approach, an open mindset and thinking on your feet culture. It is so fulfilling knowing I have left for the day and have been an integral part of my team and the running of the business. At the end of each day knowing that “I have done it” and “I am necessary”, you have the biggest sense of pride, fulfilment and job satisfaction and for this you are recognised by your expert and your team as well as the management and the company. Our office is a friendly, happy place with a variety of people of all different ages and we all support and encourage each other.. never be afraid to ask questions.. this is a job with so many questions!! which makes it so interesting and exciting, no day is ever the same. Having worked here now for many years I cannot envisage leaving. I’m MLAS through and through and I cannot wait to see how far we can go as a company. And when I say “we” … you actually do feel like a “we”

Fantastic place to work! Administrator

MLAS is an excellent place to work! The team (including management team) are friendly, inclusive and supportive.

The work is interesting and no two days are the same. It is a very busy role but the work/life balance is quite firmly enforced.

There are opportunities for progression within the company.

I have been here 7 months and have loved every day!

Amazing place to work, with great potential for progression. Administrator

The best career move I have ever made! I instantly felt part of the MLAS family. The team and management alike are all so welcoming, friendly and supportive. You are encouraged and supported whilst learning the role and beyond, no question is a silly question. The opportunity to embrace new skills has raised my confidence in my own abilities. I feel I am a valued team member and not just a number.

MLAS is a great place to work, where staff wellbeing is as important as the quality service we provide.

A progressive workplace where you are valued Administrator

MLAS is the best workplace I have worked in, people are supportive and friendly, my opinions are valued, and MLAS try to give you everything you need to succeed in your role. It is always busy and bustling but that make the day fly by.

Fun workplace Administrator

Here at Mlas it is a great place to work they are a very friendly bunch of people always wiling to help and support you wherever needed. We are a Medical Company working alongside solicitors and private experts we offer a variety of opportunities.

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