About MLAS

"We are ever evolving, we pride ourselves on teamwork, empowerment, innovation and keeping the customer at the heart of what we do"

Put simply...

We are an administrative, logistics service that enables the business growth of our Expert Community. In essence, we are here to support Expert Witnesses to become more efficient in delivering carefully considered, balanced reports whilst removing all daily interruptions. 


We are one team; genuine, friendly, proficient and committed to making a difference to our Experts business every day; ‘no half measures’ is what we believe in.


We have a robust infrastructure; allowing for our team to remain agile and responsive so that we can ‘act quickly’ for our customers.


We eliminate waste, add value and deliver a professional, efficient, high-quality service with a ‘right first time, every time’ philosophy.

From the Team

Harry Allsop


MLAS is a professional business who care about their employees. Everyone knows each other really well and will help you when you need it.

Jayne Rimmer


MLAS has given me a new lease of life and direction! I am enjoying working in a highly structured and supportive environment whilst developing and growing within my new role.

Brett Crookes


A unified and coherent team that always has my back and always knows just what to do.

Natalie Boden


MLAS means to me working hard, putting in the time and effort to learn and gain knowledge, is very rewardable to achieve the results you want.  Also all my colleagues around me provide the support in one way or another for me to achieve those goals.

Chloe Wilson


MLAS is a great opportunity to be able to develop your own skills and ideas. It has given me some great opportunities to build on the skills and knowledge that I will always need and meet some amazing people who help me to enjoy my job.

Rosie Ellor


Every day at MLAS is different and a challenge but support is always there for me to carry out my role and fulfil my potential. MLAS is about teamwork, support and everyone striving to meet a shared goal. At MLAS we stick together so everyone plays a part in the end result.

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