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A vibrant hub where legal minds like you can connect, share insights, and forge powerful connections: Welcome to MLAS events, home of the Meet & Mingle, a dynamic series designed to fuel your legal success.

Whether you’re an Expert Witness, barrister, MRO, solicitor, or legal mind with a thirst for knowledge, the MLAS Meet & Mingle has something for you. Dive into a diverse range of legal topics alongside industry leaders, our renowned community of medical/non-medical Experts, and your esteemed peers.

What to Expect

Knowledge-boosting presentations:

Gain fresh perspectives and valuable insights from esteemed speakers who are shaping the legal landscape.

Thriving discussions:

Engage in lively debates, exchange ideas, and discover innovative approaches to complex legal challenges.

Meaningful networking:

Build lasting connections with fellow legal minds, cultivate potential partnerships, and expand your professional network beyond the courtroom.

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Meet & Mingle 

  • Theme: Paediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Venue: Old Square Chambers, London, WC1R 4BU
  • Date: 19th June
  • Speakers: John Kitchen (Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon), Ian James MacKendrick (Fellow and Chartered Financial Planner), Ben Collins KC (Deputy Head of Chambers, Old Square Chambers)

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Building a Community

We believe that collaboration is the key to legal excellence, and our events provide the perfect platform to:

Uncover hidden talent:

Discover a diverse pool of experts and specialists who can strengthen your legal arsenal for future cases.

Forge strategic partnerships:

Connect with the right people to build a robust support network and tackle complex legal challenges collaboratively.

Fuel your professional growth:

Immerse yourself in a stimulating environment that fosters learning, growth, and continuous improvement.

What do attendees say?



I found it hugely enlightening to see the types of cases the legal teams are dealing with and the experts they require.



Just wanted to say thank you so very much indeed for a great night last night and all the obvious work that you guys put into organising it.


Consultant Psychiatrist

Thank you for the huge effort you made today. It was an excellent event. I could see that you had put so much thought and work in to it. I particularly enjoyed and gathered a lot from the conversations. Thank you for all the signposting and subtly encouraging conversations between people.


Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Great evening with a lovely atmosphere. It was very well organised. Thanks again for your support in promoting my practice.



Lovely venue and perfect hosts. Looking forward to some exciting partnerships.



Thank you for hosting an excellent event. I enjoyed speaking with and was impressed with a number of the experts. Really appreciate the hospitality and the chance to meet you, your team and the experts.

Moore Barlow


I thought the event was excellent and a very good environment to have conversations with the experts. Sufficiently informal with a keenness on the part of all to engage.

Scott Moncrieff

Claimant Team

Such a good event last night! Thank you so much for your kind invitation and for involving me in the event. I also met some interesting experts whom I hope to work with going forward. I will feedback in respect to the experts I spoke to. They were most impressive!


Defendant Team

I think I can speak for everyone that we all enjoyed the evening and got to meet some interesting people.


Defendant Team

It was a really lovely evening, and I loved the “lists” that your experts had! Definitely a fantastic way to mingle.

The idea of the list with your experts was not something I have come across before, it worked really well for me as I got to talk to and learn from and about your experts.

It was extremely helpful to also have the Claimant experts’ views and their honesty about what they are faced with.

CL MediCall Aid

Thank you for inviting us last night. It was great to meet some of the Experts and put a face to a name, we really enjoyed it.

On Time Reports Limited and Express Solicitors

Thank you for inviting us to the Meet & Mingle event. Megan and myself appreciated the opportunity to meet with the Experts. The talks from Neal Edwards and Jamie Hill were both interesting and helpful. We are really looking forward to the opportunity of attending future events.

Mobile Doctors


Thanks for a great evening, really interesting talks and lovely to meet some of your experts.

John Kitchen, Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon - MLAS
John Kitchen, Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon | 20/03/2024 |

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