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Dr Richard Brown

Pharmacist FRPHARMS
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Medico-Legal Experience

Dr Richard Brown is a Consultant Pharmacist, and has been an Expert Witness and Advisor, working with the NCA and NIB, for over four years.

Richard has extensive experience working with cases relating to:

  • Unlawful injection
  • Care Home investigations
  • Illegal drug use
  • Diminished responsibility due to drug use
  • Cases relating to murder, serious harm involving drug use
  • Harm caused by medications
  • Safety and governance in relation to medicines and health
  • Maintaining professional sexual boundaries
  • Mismanagement of medicines following transplant
  • Attributable side effects of medication following road traffic accident(s)
  • Issues relating to diabetes and its medical management
  • Toxicology related cases

In an advisory capacity, Dr Brown works closely with police forces to guide them as to the evidence they are gathering and the implications of what has been found.

Richard produces mainly desktop reports, but has availability within 2 weeks, if required on a case by case basis with a report turnaround time of 4-6 weeks.

Clinical Experience

Dr Richard Brown is a pharmacist with over 20 years’ experience. He has worked in a variety of settings, from a clinician in a community pharmacy, to a senior manager in a large multiple pharmacy with responsibility for clinical governance across 330 pharmacies.

Dr Brown has a PhD in medicinal chemistry and has recently been appointed as a visiting senior lecturer at the University of Bath, Pharmacy and Pharmacology Department. This experience allows him to navigate clinical research papers and provide accurate, referenced reports to meet your needs.

Dr Brown owns a successful online training company that provides training courses to pharmacies and GP surgeries. He recently opened his own pharmacy and is the Superintendent Pharmacist.

Dr Brown is an expert in clinical governance and the safe and secure handling of medicines, including controlled drugs. This expertise allows him to train Controlled Drug Accountable Officers, ensuring that they know the importance of their role and how to discharge their responsibilities correctly.

Pharmacists are experts in the action of medicines and drugs on the body. Where other clinicians may diagnose and prescribe, pharmacists ensure the safe and effective use of medicines, and understand how and why it can go wrong.

His service to pharmacy was acknowledged by his peers with a recent nomination to become a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dr Brown assist on the mismanagement of medicines following transplant?

Yes, Dr Brown is happy to assist on this.

Can Dr Brown assist on a case relating to attributable side effects of medication following RTAs?

Yes, he is happy to assist.

Can Dr Brown comment on issues relating to diabetes and its medical management?

Yes, Dr Brown is happy to assist.

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