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Mr Vijay Joshi

Consultant in Thoracic Surgery MBChB, FRCSEd (C-Th), PgCert (Medical Law)
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Medico-Legal Experience

Vijay Joshi is a Consultant in Thoracic Surgery and an Expert Witness. He is instructed by both Claimants and Defendants on cases of clinical negligence and personal injury. He has completed the Bond Solon expert witness course and holds a CUBS certificate in Civil Law. Mr Joshi has experience in joint expert meetings, criminal cases, single joint expert cases, regulatory cases, and has experience giving evidence in court. He holds a post-graduate certificate in Medical Law and earned an LL.B (Honours) from Nottingham Law School.

 Mr Joshi has extensive experience in cases associated with: 

Clinical negligence relating to:

  • General thoracic surgery
  • VATS lobectomy
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Lung cancer surgery, including delayed diagnosis and prognostic implications
  • Pleural surgery:
    • Empyema and lung / chest cavity infections
    • Pneumothorax, failed pleurodesis, trapped lung
  • Thymic surgery
  • Diaphragm palsy and hernia
  • Chest wall tumour resection and reconstruction
  • Lung volume reduction
  • Airway and tracheal procedures
  • Complex and high risk thoracic surgery
  • Complications following chest drain insertion

Personal injury relating to:

  • Chest trauma
  • Rib Fractures
  • Sternal Fractures
  • Chest Wall plating
  • Traumatic Diaphragm injury / hernia
  • Long-term implications of chest wall fractures including their impact on quality-of-life
  • Complications following chest trauma
  • Chronic chest wall pain including costochondritis

Mr Joshi’s appointment availability is from 2-4 weeks and he has a report turnaround time of 4-6 weeks. 

Clinical Experience

Vijay Joshi is a U.S and U.K trained Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, having been appointed in 2018, with a focus on general thoracic surgery and thoracic oncology. 

Mr Joshi’s clinical focus is in minimally invasive surgery, as well as general thoracic surgical oncology. He also treats patients who require lung cancer surgery, pleural surgery, thymic surgery, diaphragm palsy and hernia, chest wall tumour resection and reconstruction, lung volume reduction, airway and tracheal procedures and both elective and as well as emergency general thoracic surgery; including trauma.

He earned his medical degree from the University of Liverpool in 2007. His foundation and core surgical training were completed in the North West, where he achieved a Gold Award, followed by cardio-thoracic surgical training in the East Midlands. In 2016, he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCSEd) after successfully completing the specialty board exam in cardio-thoracic surgery. Notably, he holds medical licensing for both Canada and the United States.

He further honed his expertise through various specialised fellowships, including a thoracic surgical observership at the University of Toronto, a two-year clinical fellowship in general thoracic and minimally invasive surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, USA, and a robotics/minimally invasive fellowship at James Cook University Hospital, U.K.

Apart from his medical pursuits, he possesses a strong interest in Law and legal studies. He has completed a PgCert in Medical Law with Northumbria University and earned an LL.B (Honours) from Nottingham Law School. Within his professional roles, he serves as a tribunal member with the MPTS and holds the position of audit lead for the Thoracic Surgery department.

He also presents research at professional conferences and gives talks as an expert in both national and international forums. Alongside this, Vijay spends time mentoring regional and international medical students. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sternal fracture within Mr Joshi's expertise?

Yes, sternal fracture is within his expertise.

Can Mr Joshi assist with a case involving Costochondritis?

Yes, he can assist with this.

Can Mr Joshi assist with rib injuries?


Can Mr Joshi comment on cases relating to lung transplants?

Mr Joshi does not perform, nor manage, patients who undergo lung transplants on a regular basis, so cannot comment on this.


Book Chapters

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Published Manuscripts

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