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Ms Carolyn Hunnisett

Independent Mental Capacity Assessor, NHS CHC Expert, and Occupational Therapist LLB(Hons), MSc., PGDip in Advocacy & BVC Studies, PGDip in Occupational Therapy
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Medico-Legal Experience

Carolyn Hunnisett is an Independent Mental Capacity Assessor, NHS CHC Expert, and Occupational Therapist.

Uniquely, Carolyn is dual-qualified in health and law. With this combined expertise, she has the insight required to understand a person’s health and how best to ensure the law is followed to achieve what is needed.

Claimants and Defendants instruct Carolyn in personal injury, clinical negligence and care-related cases relating to:

  • Mini-mental capacity assessments
  • Supporting independence
  • Testamentary capacity assessments
  • NHS Care reviews
  • Advice on appeal
  • COP3 (Court of Protection) assessments
  • Revocation of LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney)
  • MCA (Mental capacity assessment)
  • NHS CHC (continuing healthcare) opinion
  • Codicile mental capacity assessments (changes or alternations to an existing will)
  • Care plans
  • Advocacy and representation at all stages of the NHS CHC process

Carolyn’s availability is two weeks and has a report turnaround time of 4 weeks.

Clinical Experience

Carolyn is a highly experienced Independent Mental Capacity Assessor and NHS CHC expert. Carolyn has made significant contributions to the field with over 20 years of experience in NHS CHC cases.

She established an independent advice service at Age Concern Oxfordshire, where, in addition to successfully representing many clients, she was a member of the Ombudsman Management Group, wrote a report for the Health Select Committee, and would meet with the Ombudsman Management Group to detail her experiences of hundreds of cases.

In her role as Advocacy Service Manager, Carolyn actively participated in the consultation process of the Mental Capacity Act, advocating for the needs of carers and older people. As an Occupational Therapist, she has provided training and support to individuals with various health conditions, such as strokes, neurological disorders, dementia, and psychiatric conditions.

As a Community Care lawyer, Carolyn specialised in NHS CHC advice, advocacy, and representation at the NHS England stage. She has authored a Lexis Nexus article on the Care Act and developed a legal charter for an Art Disability organisation.


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