An Introduction to our Expert Enquiry Team

Within the intricate world of medicolegal proceedings, the Expert Enquiry Team (EET) at Medical & Legal Admin Services (MLAS) plays a critical role. Functioning as the initial point of contact for both Instructing Parties (IPs) and Medical Reporting Organisations (MROs), the EET serves as a valuable asset for Experts seeking to join our panel. They also connect solicitors with the most suitable Experts for their specific needs, ensuring a streamlined experience throughout the process. 

Function and Services:

The EET manages all commercial aspects of our Experts’ medicolegal practice. This encompasses tasks like fee quotes, visibility on external panels, introductions to relevant medicolegal defendant panels, and maintaining Expert credentials. Additionally, they negotiate payment terms to guarantee instruction.

Matching Expertise with Needs:

Leanne Morton, MLAS Administrator, communicates with an Expert Witness

The team excels at connecting clients with the ideal Expert for their case. They achieve this through effective communication and meticulous research. Every enquiry undergoes an evaluation by the team to ensure optimal case allocation and prevent potential conflicts. When necessary, direct communication between the IP/MRO and Expert is facilitated to confirm the Expert’s suitability before engagement. 

Team Composition and Knowledge:

Comprised of ten experienced individuals, the EET boasts a unique blend of medical and legal expertise. Regular training sessions and industry updates equip them with the latest knowledge and best practices. They further enhance their understanding by actively participating in seminars, Expert presentations, and industry events (including our Meet & Mingle and Lunch & Learn events!).

Continuous Improvement:

MLAS fosters a culture of continuous improvement through regular internal meetings. These meetings address two key areas: 

  • Resource requirements: Ensuring the team has sufficient resources to accommodate new Experts. 
  • Marketing considerations: Adapting marketing strategies based on changes in an Expert’s situation. 

Streamlined Process and Efficiency:

The EET adheres to a consistent approach for handling enquiries received via various channels (website, phone, email). This involves reviewing each enquiry, clarifying details if needed, and forwarding the information to the relevant professionals.

Prioritising Client Satisfaction:

Client satisfaction sits at the forefront of MLAS’s philosophy. The EET embodies this by providing a positive experience throughout the interaction. They prioritise clear and transparent communication, keeping solicitors informed every step of the way. In the rare instance of dissatisfaction, the team addresses concerns promptly and effectively to safeguard the client relationship.

Future Outlook: 

As the legal and medical Expert Witness landscape evolves, the EET remains agile, anticipating changes and embracing innovations. With an eye on automation and AI, they are poised to adapt to emerging trends, ensuring MLAS remains at the forefront of the industry. Their long-term goals include strengthening relationships with clients, expanding the pool of Experts, and pursuing strategic initiatives to further enhance their services. 

The Expert Enquiry Team bridges the gap between clients and Experts with unwavering Expertise, efficiency, and dedication. Get in touch with our EET today to learn more about how we can support your medicolegal needs. 

22 April 2024

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