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How do I join your network?
Get in touch! Our team is poised to help you on your journey to becoming an Expert with MLAS and growing your business. Either use the form at the bottom of this page to make an enquiry, or give us a call on 0114 245 5423.
What services do you have to support Expert Witnesses?
Experts within our network get the full benefit of our financial, chronology, pagination, logistics, administration and marketing services. We also deploy a radiology imaging solution and a GDPR secure file storage system to make your report writing the focus of your Expert Witness business. We take care of the rest.
Which Instructing Parties do you work with?
There are no limits to the Instructing Parties we can work with. We have long standing agreements with MROs and solicitors alike, and we're always expanding. Get in touch with our enquiries team if you would like to request more information about a specific type of work of specialist area.
How do I get more instructions?
As a new services for 2024, you will receive regular reports on your business performance, along with insights into how you can optimise your practices to make the most of the time you have available. We also work in partnership with you to support your growth with marketing and networking opportunities throughout the year.
Do you work with Claimant and Defendant solicitors?
Yes! We work with both Claimant and Defendant solicitors. Speak to our enquiries team if you would like to discuss your options as an Expert Witness.

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