High-quality, forensic reports, delivered on-time.

MLAS are not an MRO. We offer support to the independent Expert Witnesses in our community.

High-quality reports, delivered on-time, written by knowledgable, reliable experts

Our Expert Witnesses are all specialists in their field, so you can have full confidence in the service you will receive when instructing them on cases.

Our Experts understand the importance of report deadlines and the need for an impartial, forensic eye; we facilitate this with a full administrative support service.

MLAS recognise the urgency of any instruction, and we will always respond quickly to enquiries and whether our Expert can accept a case. Our Experts can be instructed by Instructing Parties, either directly, or via all of the major Medical Reporting Organisations (MROs).

Why Us...


Since 2011, our processes have evolved to ensure a seamless reporting service.


Internal QA teams eliminate grammatical/formatting errors, ensuring no delay costs for extension.

The Extra Mile

We take pride in our customer service and are certain that we can find a solution to your needs.

70+ Experts

A large range of medical and non-medical Experts, from an array of professions and specialities.

Discover our Expert Community

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With our team of highly specialised Expert Witnesses, you can rest assured that your cases will be handled with the utmost expertise and professionalism. We recognise the significance of meeting report deadlines and the crucial role of impartial, forensic analysis. To support this, we provide a comprehensive administrative support service to ensure the smooth and efficient handling of your cases.

Why choose an MLAS expert?

When you instruct an Expert via MLAS, you are also getting:

  • A full end-to-end, quality-assured support service, ensuring high-quality, professionally formatted, error-free reports.
  • Reports delivered within your deadlines.
  • Direct communication between you and the Experts.
  • Professional development of Experts to ensure best practice.
  • Innovative additional services, including radiology viewing solutions and chronology & pagination.
  • No hidden costs – the fee quoted is the fee you’ll pay
  • Opportunities to meet the Experts prior to instructions, individually or at one of our Meet & Mingle events.

MLAS Expert Instruction Process

Embarking on your partnership with MLAS is a streamlined and systematic journey. We value your time and expertise, ensuring every step is transparent, efficient, and tailored to your professional needs. Here’s the process laid out:


Simply find and select your required specialty area and chosen expert to best suit your case needs.


For more information contact us via the enquiries inbox or call for more specific details.


Once you have chosen, you will receive the Expert's T&Cs on the same day from our team.


Confirmation of instruction, fee agreement, venue availability and appointment.

What do our clients say?

Melanie Power Principal at Power Solicitors

MLAS provides an invaluable service for our firm. We are kept up to date on the report status and our phone calls and emails are answered promptly. This is not a service that can often be offered by an expert's secretary as they are just simply too busy. It saves us a lot of phone calls and emails and means that we can keep our clients fully informed on the report's progress. The team at MLAS knows what they doing and understands the business.

DWF Instructing Party

We were very pleased with Dr Claxton's report and also the joint statement was helpful; indeed I would say that Dr Claxton's report made all the difference for us on [this case].

Hudgells Solicitors Solicitors

As Solicitors we are always firefighting. It really helps us when we can deal with experts and their admin teams who understand our requirements. I have been ably assisted by MLAS on some very challenging clinical negligence cases and I know that both myself and the instructed expert could not have managed without the efficiency, hard work and patience of the MLAS team who work for him.

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