Kerith Hirst

Job title? I am Team Leader to the MLAS operational team.

What does your job entail? My job has a variety of facets. I am the first point of contact within the MLAS team. I am also responsible for the training and development of each individual. I am here for their mental wellbeing and also their pastoral care, whilst also dealing with day to day issues within the operation.

I am not only their line manager but, I hope also, their go to person. Together we work through queries, talk, debate and collectively reach the best conclusion for the business.

When did you join the company? I joined the company in August 2021, however, I had previously worked as an Administrator in 2019.

What is your favourite thing about working at MLAS? I would say, categorically, the people. We have such a good variety of people/personalities/humour and work ethic. Everyone’s knowledge is so vast and I really enjoy listening to the conversations within the operation. If for any reason I am unavailable, each member of the team has the capacity to help with any queries members of the team may have.

When we have new starters I always tell them about the wealth of knowledge within the operation and advise them to tap into it.

Funny story/fun fact about yourself? I have worked for MLAS previously. During that time I worked as Expert Liaison. I was situated in the corner, and sat opposite Sarah Massa, who at that time, was also an Administrator. After a couple of years and many catch up chats with Sarah, after one too many glasses of Pinot Grigio in our local pub, Sarah enticed me back and I have to say, the improvements within the operation are what tempted me back following these conversations.

Favourite thing to do outside of work? Spending time with my three children, Oliver, Madeleine and Noah. Although Oliver has recently abandoned me and gone to Uni! I enjoy listening to music and going to gigs, I’m an indie kid at heart and would much rather be listening to music than anything else. My other passion is football! I split my allegiance between Sheffield Wednesday and Manchester City, that way at least one of my teams will win each week.

What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you? ‘Not everyone will be your friend’. Wise words from my Dad! I always used to go into situations very naively and using this advice has made me more aware of situations. As a leader of people, it is very important to adapt your style to each individual person and/or situation. People are at the heart of each healthy business and I am invested in each and every one under my care for them to succeed and feel valued within the workplace.

1 December 2021

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