Bespoke solutions

To facilitate the growth of your Expert Witness practice.

End-to-End Support

From tailored administration to invoicing, we handle the details so you can focus on what you do best.

Connect and Thrive

Be part of a vibrant community of Experts, facilitating sustainable growth and recognition in your field.

Confidential and Secure

Your practice's confidentiality is paramount; rely on our GDPR-compliant systems for all your professional engagements.

Seamless Collaboration

With strong ties to MROs, Solicitors, and Insurance companies, we ensure your expertise is always valued and sought after.

Why Choose MLAS?

Introduction to The Largest Network of Instructing Parties

We have developed long-standing relationships with solicitors, barristers chambers, insurers and Medical Reporting Organisations (MROs). We ensure you are well placed on every available panel suitable to your expertise. We also facilitate face-to-face events with Instructing Parties throughout the year.

Unique, time-saving reporting solutions

From radiology and imaging software allowing you to review claimant x-rays and MRIs on any operating system, to our in-house chronology and pagination service, we provide an array of solutions to maximise the efficiency of your report writing.

Business Management

We work in partnership with you, managing all aspects of the business operations, including; fee negotiations, contracts, favourable payment terms, invoicing and debt collection. We have regular business reviews with you to refine your business growth.

We believe that administrative efficiency is the backbone of an Expert's success.

Join the more than 70 experts with MLAS who agree

Onboarding & Introduction

Once you join our Expert community, our team introduces you to our wide network, which includes MROs, Solicitors, and Insurance companies. This ensures that right from the start, your expertise is visible to the right stakeholders.

Tailored Administrative Support

No more getting caught up in paperwork or missing deadlines. Our dedicated administrative team manages your commitments, from typing and proofreading reports to invoicing.

Centralised Communication:

MLAS becomes your primary communication hub, liaising on your behalf and ensuring that you're always connected, but never overwhelmed.

Chronology and Pagination

Our team specialises in detailed preparation and collation of case records for Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence cases, making sure you're always a step ahead.

Seamless Logistics

Whether it's organising T&Cs, scheduling appointments, planning travel, or coordinating accommodation & meetings, we've got it covered.

Growth & Promotion:

MLAS actively promotes its Experts, in person at our coveted Meet & Mingle events, as well as online. Positioning you at the forefront of your field.

Financial & Business Acumen

With our comprehensive business management services, from pensions advice to debt recovery, your professional finances are in trusted hands.

Secure Digital Workspace

Access our GDPR-compliant cloud-based system to collaborate, store, and manage your professional data with peace of mind.

Continuous Feedback & Evolution

MLAS believes in growth. Regular check-ins and feedback loops ensure that our services are always in sync with your evolving needs.

What to expect

Embarking on your partnership with MLAS is a streamlined and systematic journey. We value your time and expertise, ensuring every step is transparent, efficient, and tailored to your professional needs. Here’s the process laid out for our esteemed experts:

Initial Consultation:

Begin with a comprehensive consultation with our MLAS team, where we delve into understanding your expertise, professional aspirations, and how we can best support you.

Custom Onboarding

Receive a personalised onboarding package, equipped with tools, resources, and introductions to key members of our community, setting you up for success from day one.

Profile Setup & Promotion

Our team crafts a professional profile that showcases your credentials and skills. This profile is then actively promoted within our network, connecting you with MROs, Solicitors, and Insurance companies.

Administrative Training

Familiarise yourself with our GDPR-compliant cloud-based system. This session equips you to efficiently manage cases, communicate, and access MLAS's suite of services.

Case Assignment

Based on your specialty and expertise, receive curated case assignments. Our system ensures that you're matched with the most relevant cases, optimising your impact and success rate.

Ongoing Support

Our mentor program provides ad hoc advice from experienced mentors to develop yourself as an Expert Witness. Mentees gain knowledge and experience in report writing, court attendance, presentation skills, and understanding Instructing Party expectations.

Feedback & Growth

Regularly engage in feedback sessions with our team. These dialogues are integral to our continuous improvement ethos, ensuring that MLAS's support evolves in tandem with your professional journey.

Financial Management

Let us handle the financial nuances. From invoicing clients to offering tax planning advice, our dedicated finance team ensures that your business aspects are seamlessly managed.

Continuous Learning & Networking

Benefit from our regular webinars, workshops, and networking events. Stay updated with industry trends, expand your network, and collaborate with fellow experts.

Review & Evolution

At periodic intervals, assess your journey with MLAS. This reflective step ensures that our partnership remains aligned with your evolving goals and the dynamic landscape of your expertise.

Getting Started as an Expert Witness

Leave your details below and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss how we can work together.

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