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Mr Deans is a Police & Drugs Expert Witness.

He has supplied numerous reports to Magistrates, Crown and Coroners Courts covering drugs-related enquiries, ranging from simple possession matters through to complex conspiracies involving organised crime groups, as well as drug-related deaths.

Mr Deans has prepared hundreds of statements for the Courts, covering the testing of drugs, the actions of dealers and users, and has provided further evidence for use at Civil Court.

He is affiliated to the National Drug Advisory Group for Police Drug Expert Witnesses and has attended courses with National Drug Expert Witness and National Drug Advisory Group for Police Expert Witnesses.

Mr Deans has experience in cases relating to:

  • Drug-related offences
  • Covert and overt organised crime investigations
  • Tackling the flow of heroin and crack cocaine
  • Possession matters
  • Complex conspiracy
  • Drug related death

Mr Deans has a report turnaround time of 2-4 weeks.

Police and Drugs Experience

Mr Deans has over 26 years’ experience with Sussex Police. He has performed numerous roles at various ranks, the vast majority of these related to covert and overt organised crime investigations.

For a number of years, Mr Deans was tasked into tackling the flow of heroin and crack cocaine into the city of Brighton and Hove. Operation Reduction was set up in 2005 and was offered as best practice by the Home Office in 2012.

Mr Deans has made hundreds of arrests for drug-related offenses and has conducted hundreds of interviews with drug users and dealers alike. As a direct result of his expertise and intricate knowledge, he was asked to advise on the Brighton and Hove Drugs Commission in 2013.

Mr Deans has been involved with the Substance Misuse of Drugs and Alcohol Board for Brighton and Hove, and is also on the Board for New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).

He has attended numerous training courses to heighten his knowledge and skills, including a week-long residential course focusing on the synthesis of drugs.

Mr Deans is extremely passionate and dedicated, constantly enhancing his professional development and knowledge.

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